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“You are responsible, forever, for what you have tamed” said Antoine de Saint-Exupéry through the lips of the Little Prince, and was completely right. Yes, the health and well-being of pets is entirely up to us. And sometimes it becomes a difficult task: what to feed properly, how to care and, finally, where to buy everything? Business cards from pet stores and veterinarians will answer these and other questions.

In the veterinary clinic you can get detailed advice on the care and catering for pets. If necessary, you can call a doctor at home or just consult by phone using the visiting card of a veterinarian. It should be remembered that the bulk of clients go not to the clinic, but to the doctor. Therefore, when forming the staff of a veterinary clinic, special attention should be paid to personnel who should first be provided with business cards.

Most often, business pictures with animal photos do not look very organic, but if you choose the right colors and conjure over halftones, it can turn out spectacularly.

In general, the choice of style of business cards depends on what services you offer and which clients you expect, regardless of whether you create business cards for a veterinarian or a dog hairdresser. For example, a craftsman who makes clothes for pets or cuts them, at least should focus on the female target audience, and a veterinarian, trainer, etc., can undoubtedly focus on a larger audience.

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Samples of such business cards attract the attention of employees of veterinary services, owners of nurseries and animal clinics, as well as breeders. In addition, hotel and restaurant business card templates can also be used by hotel and restaurant owners who want to emphasize one unusual feature of their establishment – that they are allowed to live or visit the room with pets. Choosing a business card for yourself, you can use ready-made examples of business cards or you can develop your own business card based on the layout posted on the site. You can make changes to any sample of business cards that you see by opening the page of our site – we only welcome your creative approach to creating the perfect business card.

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