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Vintage Style Business Card Samples for Create Own Design

Samples of Vintage Style Business Cards Templates for Easy Generating Customizable Personalized Visiting Card Layout in Online Constructor App & Free Download

102 Classical Vintage Business Card Templates have a special charm

Of course, the vintage style of business cards is not suitable for those who in their business focus on innovation, modern technology, etc. But with the help of it you can beat many years of experience, traditions, and therefore reliability.

Vintage business cards are styled antique – what used to be called the “Retro style.” The adjective “vintage” is often used in relation to furniture, clothing, or antique dealers. The words retro, retro-style, vintage and vintage fashion are firmly established in our vocabulary. A vintage business card should clearly reflect the style of a particular time (decades), it should express the fashion trends of the past. It is believed that a vintage business card should be something outstanding and unique. In general, there is an opinion that such a business card, which has a unique design, was created by famous brands in a limited number, can be a vintage business card.

Many people, it can be said in the blood, or almost at the genetic level, have a craving for old things, which is hard to get rid of. A business card in vintage style will give you such a feeling and add a touch of charm to your image! If you are going to create vintage business cards, then the main weapon here is the colors, as if battered by time, and beautiful elegant fonts with curls. Various ornate ornaments, patterns and prints will be appropriate.

Amaze your customers and partners by handing them a vintage business card!

In the world of modern materials and technologies, it is difficult to distinguish your name card from the mass of competitors. Pleasant design, nostalgic notes and amazing soulfulness – this is what distinguishes such cards and causes extremely pleasant emotions.

Vintage style is characterized by “old” elements, so you should use original fonts, soft shades, ornate patterns, frames and other design details. Attention should be paid to the texture, because from such a business card a person subconsciously expects pleasant tactile sensations.

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Vintage Business Cards

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